Thursday, November 10, 2011

Audio/Video Project

       The audio/video project is one of the key projects for this semester. In addition, I have done previous recordings at a professional standard with better audio and video recording equipment and at more controlled locations. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the audio/video project previously mentioned. There were circumstances that prevented me to record both within my zone of expectations and at the standard of mass media. Nevertheless, given the circumstances, I did a fairly good job. To say the least, my experience with the recent audio/video project was not a very good one. Given another chance, there are many things I would have done differently.
        The technical aspect of making media is important. The equipment we used to record sound and image was passable but not great. I would have used my own recording equipment and recorded a subject that can speak slowly in a clear, loud tone. I would have also tried to reserve time in an empty classroom or a recording space. These elements are necessary for recording sound unless you have top of the line equipment. The project mandated the use of college equipment yet failed to provide locations for proper audio/video recordings. All of these elements came into play when the audio track was loaded into Final Cut Express.
        I knew this recording would need extensive editing and editing skills to create a half-way decent project. First and foremost, a busy college is not a controlled environment to record in unless audio recording space is available. In addition, the interview was not in chronological order as told by the subject. These issues would have to be corrected in the editing process. Both issues require much time to correct and in many cases are uncorrectable pending on how fast the subject speaks. I have learned, if a filmmaker is not in control of his location, equipment, and subject, there is a high probability the the project will not be a success. Moreover, even if one is in control of the variables mentioned above, anything can happen and every thing should be expected when making a media project.
        Filmmaking is one of the most time consuming processes to complete and should be viewed as such. There was an inadequate amount of time to create a good audio/video project. The only aspect of my project I'm remotely satisfied with is the story it tells and the order in which it is told. It has content, depth, and meaning, it tells a story about someone's passion from beginning to end. However, the numerous cuts that were needed are noticeable in many cases, and the sound peeks at -12 yet the voice is still low. The video portion was a quick put-to-gether for a fly-by-night interview both of which I am disappointed in
        As I mentioned earlier, this project did not meet my standards. However, this is a part of filmmaking and these issues should be expected. The filmmaking process is time consuming as seen in documentaries that are concerned with the making of films. Every detail must be well thought out and calculated into the bigger equation—that of a finished product. This audio/video project was a simple exercise that showed me nothing more than the possible issues that I will encounter and have to overcome as a student filmmaker.

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