Thursday, September 15, 2011


            I hear a saxophone playing in the background. There are people calmly talking in small groups while a small go-cart passes through. The sound of it's engine and the transmitter receiver cuts through the air. The most common sound in the city did not seem to fit in at this place. As it passes, it startles a flock of birds which in turn fly past me fluttering their wings. A generator can be heard percolating as it powers large machinery and devices. A small hand radio is tuned to the oldies station and “Down By The Boardwalk” can be heard playing while two men harmonize with guitar and drum on the opposite side; yards away. Both sounds compliment the casual conversation taking place. I hear people walking their dogs and the bells and dog-tags clanging together making the faintest of sounds. The people drag their shoes by as they walk and scrape along the concrete. The sound off a skater skatting joins the symphony. Accompanied by bicyclist riding their bikes. The winds pick up and ruffles the tree leaves while children walk through with their parents and nannies. The grown-ups talk softly while the children push toy baby strollers, laughing, and speaking gibberish amongst themselves. Eventually, the birds come back and gather around me accompany by the squirrels. Their noises are requests for food. Hence, they dig through and ruffle the bushes behind me as they continue their search. Again, the birds take flight simultaneously, flapping their wings in the wind, and leaving the squirrels behind which crack open peanut shells with their teeth. My phone rings, a bum raises his voice for, this local has had to much to drink. These sounds climax and then,... there is a pause... followed by a moment of laughter. A transition begins as the quietness returns. The sounds wait for their next performance.

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